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Beiarpuls Fishing in Beiarelva

Fishing in Beiarelva

Want to fish in one of Norways best salmon rivers? Beiarelva is open for every one who wants to experience a great adventure.

With a diverse river, suited for both lures and flyfishing, and a spectacular scenery you can unleash your inner fisherman.

Beiarelva curves from south to north bringing cold glacier water from the mountains all the way to the fjords. This normally keep the river cold and big through out the entire season and makes good conditions all summer.

Valley of great nature

Fishing in Beiarelva is therapy. The green and gourgeous landscape it self is as soothing as the meditative casting. And when the fish bites you`re in for some real adrenaline!

Foto: Ylva Edvarsen

A river for the people

You can visit Beiarn and check the conditions before your decide which beat you wanna test. The river is open for everyone and fish cards can be bought online, by tourist information or different service places or landlords in the municipality.

If it`s your first visit to the valley we recommend you stop by the tourist info at Storjord to get good tips before fishing.

Remember you have to buy fish card to the zone you`re fishing, you have to buy the Norwegian state card and all equipment needs to be desinfected before you go to the river. It`s also important that you read the rules carefully before you enter.

Fish over 65 cm has to be released again. If you are not familiar with catch and release you should consider using a guide or someone who can help you when the big salmon bites.

For more information please visit web page of Beiarelva or contact us at tourist information.

Opening hours
Monday-saturday: 10-16
Sunday: 16-19

Phone number: + 47 475 18 022
E-mail: / /

Welcome to the river!